Nate is a sweet caring 13 year old boy who loves to swim and golf. He was 10 years old when he was having leg pain for two weeks without a cut or bruise. Mom’s instinct got him to the pediatrician, then an xray and MRI which showed that Nate had Non Hodgkin’s B Cell Lymphoma in his leg. Twenty years ago, Nate would have to endure two long years of treatment, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Thanks to Dr Cairo and his research over the years Nate’s treatment was completed over the course of just 4 months with only chemo and immunotherapy drugs. Drs Cairo and Hochberg “ReBOOT” protocol reduces the burden of oncologic therapy in children. This breakthrough will allow Nate to have less complications over his lifetime from the effects of cancer treatment. Although Nate’s treatment was grueling and likely the hardest thing our family will ever go through, I am thankful that research and clinical trials exist to further the fight against cancer in children. Today, Nate is thriving in school and is in remission. We are beyond thankful for his good health!